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Exam regulations


* The exam consists of 40 questions:

- 20 questions in the form of radiological images with four single-choice answers

- 20 text questions with four single-choice answers 


* The page with the regulations is displayed several minutes before the exam start date.


* On the date marked as the beginning of the exam, further questions are displayed.


* The time for each question is 60 seconds.


* The questions are displayed in the order given by the computer system.


* It is not possible to return to previous questions.


* During the exam you must answer each question - first click on the correct answer and

   then on the "SAVE" button; this must be done within the time allowed for the

   question (within 60 seconds).


* Note: if the page with a given question is refreshed by the candidate, the order of answers may change


* The time of exam is settled on the server side.


* The university is not responsible for the quality of your internet connection.