1.The course of radiology consists of lectures, seminars and labs – according to the plan of studies. At the beginning of the each semester the foreman gets detailed class schedule from the coordinator of the Department of Radiology.

2.Classes are held in the form of stationary or online - relevant information is provided at the beginning of the academic year.

3.Stationary classes take place at:

-CDK UJCM (Łazarza 7),
- seminary rooms of Department of Radiology (Kopernika 50, Jakubowskiego 2)  or Montelupich 4  (Dentistry Institute)

- accurate information is provided in each case.

4.Participation in lectures, seminars and labs is obligatory - whether they are stationary or online.

5.Every Student is obliged to come for the classes on time. Eating, drinking, and using mobile phones during the classes are prohibited. The Student should also strictly adhere to the current sanitary guidelines of the Ministry of Health and UJCM.

6.Students are obliged to prepare the respective part of the material for labs and seminars. The knowledge and the activity of each Student will be noted.

7.Completion of classes and admission to the exam is based on attendance at all classes (both stationary and online).

8.Checking attendance at the stationary classes is obligatory.

9.In the case of online classes, attendance is recognized when the student logged in at the beginning and logged out at the end of classes. The online lecturer checks whether a given student is participating by getting a connection.

10.In case of an excused absence (the student should present an appropriate document), it is necessary to "make up" for the missed classes with another group. In exceptional cases, it is possible to obtain a credit individually from tutor conducting specific classes; the credit is in writing. Written confirmation of obtaining the credit must be submitted to the Radiology Department's secretary room.

11.Passing the skipped classes should be done at latest 5 working days prior the final exam. 

12.In case of skipping more than 50% of classes (lectures, seminaries and labs together), passing the classes and admission to the final exam is not possible.

13.In the case of the Student's participation in foreign internships (eg Erasmus), it is necessary (!) to inform the Department of Radiology about it before departure. In this case, the "make up" for missed classes takes place on individually defined conditions.

14.After passing the classes, a Student takes the final exam. Right before taking the exam, the identity of each Student has to be confirmed by ID card or students card. In the case of an online exam, the Student's participation is based on logging in from the @ domain e-mail address

15.To pass the course of radiology a Student has to obtain a positive result of the exam which has a written form with multiple choice questions (only one answer is correct). The date of the exam is set by the Head of the Department  of Radiology in cooperation with foremen of the particular years of studies.
The final pass of the course of General Radiology for Students of the 2nd year of Dentistry is done on the basis of participating in all classes (lectures, seminars and labs).

16.The results of the exam will be available for each student on USOS website.

17.The final scores are not changeable. It is not possible to "improve" the positive results of the final exam.

18.The form and date of the makeup exam is established by the Head of the Department of Radiology.

19.For any further information or complaint about the practical classes and seminars please contact the coordinator.



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